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Fanny Batter

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For more than a century ‘Yorkshire’s Finest’ have been producing homemade fanny batter from our farm in the heart of Yorkshire.

Using traditional methods that have been passed down from our forefathers, they are proud to be the finest supplier of fanny batter in the UK.

They have been sourcing fanny batter from the local ‘ladies of the night’ for more than five generations.

From the back alleyways of Barnsley to the high end hookers of Huddersfield.

Yorkshire’s Finest Fanny Batter leave no stone unturned in search of premium quality batter.

Their experience allows them to harvest vaginas at the optimum batter yielding level giving our customers the most concentrated fanny batter in the world.

This mix is suitable for making waffles, biscuits, cakes and dumplings.

But we recommend giving our vaginal pancakes a go as they really bring out your inner wh*re.

1 review for Fanny Batter

  1. 5 out of 5


    Sent some of this to my ex wife because she always had a bad case of fanny batter – obviously now she can put that to good use with this awesome pancake mix. Comes with a fanny mask as well (not to mask the fanny smell – unfortunately) which will come in handy for her, seeing as she has trouble being a massive C**T! Oh no, wait, she doesn’t. Divorce papers are in the post.

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